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The official return of Roxie to the Fox & Feather world!

This school year I’ve had the pleasure of starting my “big girl career” as a Spanish teacher!  Needless to say, I’ve been a bit preoccupied with work which is why I’ve neglected to post.  It is my 2014 resolution to start crafting (and blogging those crafts) more.  First craft of the new year:


Setting: Holiday break, hurrying to get presents finished.

Characters: Myself, my mom who gave me sewing advice, and BFF Lauren, the future owner of the purse.

Plot: My best friends Lauren, Heather (fox & feather co-author), and Anna call ourselves the “Core Four”.  It is our newest tradition to do a Christmas gift exchange.  This year we sat in a circle with our gifts and passed them around every time N*Sync sang the lyrics “Merry Christmas”.  When the song ended, the lucky recipient got the gift in front of them.  Lauren was the lucky recipient of this beaut.

(view of inside lining)