ImageSetting: Beautiful September in the mountains

Characters: My best friend and kindred spirit, Anna, now married to a great guy named Erik

Plot: My best friend was planning herself a wedding. Small problem: It’s hard to find ways to help with wedding errands when you live 1500 miles away. I wanted to help however I could, however, so making the programs seemed like a logical thing to do. I used Adobe Illustrator, along with some free resources like, to put together the design. Anna and I picked out some coordinating card stock, fabric, and thread. Then I sewed the whole thing together using a zig zag stitch on my sewing machine. Sewing paper is a lot of fun, and you don’t have to worry about it bunching the way that fabric does. Super easy.

I like this project because its a good mix of my love for graphic design and love for crafting things together.

Snapshot 2013-12-05 02-16-54