Yes. Roxie and I are still alive. After a busy year of student teaching, summer camps, and life just gettin’ busy, we are happy to get back to our poor neglected blog! Enjoy!

Setting: The Shop

Characters: My dear friend and roommate, Sophia Montiel

Plot: My exciting news is that I recently made the move to Durango! I’m renting a great place with a couple friends – it has lots of space and potential. Unfortunately, I own like 0 pieces of furniture. (I DO have a bed. Most important piece of furniture to own). This fact, coupled with my love for all things DIY, is what motivated me start on some good ole furniture refurbishing.

Purchased at a Pagosa estate sale, this chest (?, vanity? dresser?) was originally meant to be used as a bathroom vanity. It had a few holes in the top from the sink & plumbing. I was able to cut some thin plywood with a jig saw – kind of following the curves of the dresser. I removed two of the drawers, I wanted to use that space as shelves instead. Next came the sanding. So much sanding. I deem it free therapy.  Add some paint (and a helpful roommate ), a few distressing techniques, and some chicken wire (my favorite part) and tada! Instant mail/catch all/ entryway table. I think the hardware made the biggest difference.


What it use to look like:


After some TLC: