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Setting: @ Camp

Characters: My Camp Family


Plot: So here at Sonlight we do something called “Inner Camp Mail”. Its a way to send notes and packages to other campers and staff here. I love it because its a great way to encourage those around you. Anyways, it was one of those weeks where I felt like all I was doing was waking up, doing the camp thing, and sleeping. Zero time to myself. I decided in order to NOT go crazy that I had to do something other than “the camp thing” and sleep… however to feel like I wasn’t wasting “me time” I decided to craft some trinkets for a few of the gals on staff.

I’d been having people save their bottle caps for a while, and I had a nice little collection going. I used magazine clippings (most from Sunset, my new favorite magazine), lots of glaze, and glued on some magnetic strip. I really like how they turned out, and will have to make some to keep for my own fridge sometime.