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Setting: A sunny day in Denver

Characters: Myself and some sunshine

Plot: So Urban Outfitters sells these super fun solar jars for $45 each. They say things like “Sunshine is free!” “Collect it for later!” on the box. Awesome, but expensive. I thought they would be so perfect to have on my deck at camp, and knew there must be a way to diy them for a more affordable price. There are a few online tutorials on how to make your own (like this one), and after reading a few I just kind of winged it.

Buy some $3 solar garden lights from Lowes. Take them apart and cut the top down so that it can fit snugly in the lid of a jar. I bought mine from World Market, but I’m sure you could find some at Goodwill or something. Many of the tutorials call for frosting the glass, and I tried that, but thought the light looked too cold. I wanted some nice warm sunshine. I took to handy Modge Podge and some orange and yellow tissue paper and kind of “stain glassed” the outside of the jar. I was sure to spray them with sealant afterwards so they would hold up on my deck at camp.

I really love them!