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Setting: My birthday week, Bonefish Grill

Characters: People who think I am crazy but love me enough to save their toilet paper rolls for me, or not judge me when I steal them from the Bonefish Grill bathroom because I only NEEDED like THREE more!

Plot: Everyone at camp knows to save the toilet paper rolls. WHY THROW THEM AWAY? Hello free crafty bus supplies? I have a crate of them sitting in my office. This wreath is the latest of my toilet paper roll adventures. I made it at the end of February, and was able to finish by finding three empty rolls at my birthday dinner at Bonefish Grill. My friends thought I was nuts, but it was my birthday so they let it slide.

Cut the rolls into thirds, then cut the thirds into spirals. Hot glue them into flower-ish things on a foam wreath form. Spray paint white, add some buttons and extra details, and viola! Spring-tastic wreath.