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Warm winter weather, drowning in school work and ready for a craft break.


My boss, my father, Killian (cat roommate)


My boss was cleaning out her craft closet and gave me this circular piece of wood.  I’ve been wanting to do string art for sometime and with this new gift I figured it was time.  I nailed 11 nails around the perimeter of the wood (an odd number of nails looks cooler in my opinion).  To evenly space the nails I did some awesome math and work with a protractor 😉  I then tied embroidery thread around a nail and skip counted nails by 2’s until I got back to the nail I started on.  Then I switched thread colors and repeated the process skip counting by 3’s, 4’s and on and on and repeated it until I was satisfied with the layering and colors.

My father helped me nail in the stubborn nails, Killian helped by tangling up thread.