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Setting: my bathroom, Goodwill

Characters: Keiko, my adopted dog for the month

Plot: Mason jars are beautiful. Any type of glass container is pretty much the best in my opinion, but Mason jars especially. They have a cool history about them and they are dirt. cheap. I picked mine up 22 cents each from Goodwill.

I see mason jar organizers on Pinterest, but usually held up using pipe clamps. Although that look is bold and modern, I opted to use a more delicate wire to attach mine to the board. Oh the board? I asked the guy at Lowe’s if I could dig through their scrap bin. Paint? Already had it – made it go further with some water. Add some nails and anchors into the walls and I have a country fun bathroom organizer for less than 2 dollars.

(Keiko didn’t help, but she looked cute as I typed this post out)