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Setting:  Home for Christmas, making (more) gifts

Characters:  Me, hot glue gun, my friend Courtnei (who I borrowed the idea from)

Plot:  I needed to make a little something for my cousins.  My scrap material drawer is always overflowing, so I used some to make fabric pom pom necklaces, and hair pins.  For the base of the necklaces I cut circles out of old (empty) plastic sour cream containers so the necklace would lay flat.  I then cut little squares from the fabric, bunched them up, and hot glued it to the plastic.

For the hair pins I used the same idea, but for the base, I cut a long, oval shape out of craft foam, and stitched it to the pin before glueing the pieces on.

Note: If you’re looking for more detailed instructions on making the pom poms, I found this site to be helpful 🙂