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Characters: Helpful man at Lowes, Heidi, myself

Setting: My room that, although has the ability to have a ceiling mounted light, in fact did not.

Plot: Frankly I was tired of walking into my room, absentmindedly hitting my light switch, and having nothing happen. While my room had a spot where a ceiling light could be mounted, it was only a few unconnected wires covered by a metal plate. Inspired by HGTV, this happened:

I soaked a bunch of string in fabric stiffener & rolled it around around around around an exercise ball. It was messy, and sticky, and my hands were full of glue-ish stuff by the end, but (thanks to some encouragement from Heidi) I finally got it looking something like that (see left). I let the sticky mess dry overnight and went to bed thinking I just wasted $4 on fabric stiffener. Next morning: Woke up, checked to see if the string was dry, and deflated my ball. By some miracle it worked. The ball deflated and left me with a fantastic sphere of string.

Jumped in the car and took a trip to Lowes, had a chat with a helpful man about basic electric wiring. He showed me how to cut the plug off of an pendant light kit and how to wire the cord into my ceiling wires. This is probably the part I’m most proud of. I switched off the breaker, connected the correct wires, mounted a nice light plate, and attached my “shade”. I’m basically an electrician now. Add that to the resume.

I like it. I think I would try it next with white string to make it look a little more light and airy. Also I think it would be awesome to make mini spheres (water balloon mold?) to make party lights.

– H