In between Winter and Spring semester, most of friends graduated and/or went home = bored and lonely


Only me and birds chirping outside


I can never throw old stuff away, so I have drawers full of material scraps, and broken jewelry.  I took a strip of material (long enough to be a decent-sized necklace + some extra to account for knots), sewed it into a tube (wide enough to fit beads inside), and turned it inside-out.  I then stuffed the beads in, starting with the middle one, and tied knots on either side of the beads to keep them in place.  On the ends, I threaded the tube through the beads, because I wanted these ones to show.

I think the original tube of fabric was too short, so I took another strip, twisted it, and then tied it to the ends of the tube with beads already knotted in it.